Wolfie Furs’ humble beginnings set in motion over four generations ago in Europe. In the early 1900’s, Wolfie’s grandmother, a full-time caterer, would craft fur accessories as a means to generate extra income for the family.

Her son, Joseph, learned the trade before enrolling in the army. While posted, he produced fur gloves for fellow soldiers struggling to stay warm in subzero temperatures. Soon after completing his duties, Joseph immigrated to Canada to start his very own fur company.

Joseph’s son, Wolfie, was born into the industry, vindicating his natural affinity for the trade. With his infinite experience and knowledge passed from generation to generation, he founded WOLFIE FURS in 1974. Today, Wolfie Furs remains a leader in manufacturing and distribution of high-fashion fur garments in North America.



Wolfie is a purveyor of the highest quality pelts such as mink, sable, swakara, and chinchilla. Our acclaimed wild fur collection includes fox, beaver, coyote, lynx, and raccoon.

Our luxury pelts are attained from highly regulated farms worldwide operating under severe safety and environmental regulations. Our collection of wild furs is procured in alignment with the laws and regulations enforced by the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards.

Wolfie’s designers have taken fur to the next level by mixing traditional expertise with innovative treatments and styles. Traditional skills like hand cutting, stranding, & sewing, were passed on from generation to generation and remain at the core of our business. However, we have mastered modern techniques such as laser cutting, shearing, plucking, weaving, knitting & dyeing fur, which has allowed us to design collections for the fashion-forward consumer living in a casual chic world.