in the search for quality no effort is too great 

- Roberto Quaglia -

Roberto and Corina Quaglia run the company together and are personally responsible for the design of the Roberto Quaglia and Roberto Quaglia Leisure line. Quality and first-class processing methods have highest priority. Roberto and Corina Quaglia vouch with their names for the exclusivity of the brand and work with a motivated team for an international clientele. The credo of a new collection is always to enthuse clients with new superlatives.

The fashion label “Roberto Quaglia” by Corina and Roberto Quaglia, is situated on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, near Paradeplatz. Working closely together they have been creating the “Roberto Quaglia” collection since 25 years. Roberto Quaglia has maintained the label, which was created by his father in 1953 under the name of Enzo Quaglia.

Since 2006 Roberto Quaglia is also owner of the premium multibrand store Gross Couture, which is located at the same address. A unique collection of around 40 superior pieces, produced in Switzerland and Italy, is presented twice yearly, focusing on exquisite fabrics, high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. Since 2015 the label “Roberto Quaglia” is exclusively available at Gross Couture in Zürich. This internationally renowned label trimmed its production, allowing them to focus on the individual wishes of Gross Couture customers, who highly appreciate and value the “Roberto Qualia” label.