OUR MISSION is to create your favorite outerwear, and make you feel fashion forward, upscale and glamorous from the moment you wear it. 

At HiSO we take pride in the quality of our garments.  Our industry specialists work tirelessly to select only the best natural hides from around the world. Our unique clothing is hand crafted in an effort to exceed our own obsessive standards.  

One of the qualities we love most about working with such luxurious materials is the uniqueness brought by each skin.  Our exceptionally talented team understand how a garment should fit and strive for a high level of comfort through innovative techniques in pattern drafting, application of stitch details, and thoughtful execution of supplementation and trimmings.

Using artisanal techniques, this brand marries technology and tradition in developing functional, long wearing luxury shearling garments which are getting closer and closer to the status of wearable art.

Known as HIDESOCIETY throughout the world for the past 40 years, we've expanded to include novelty cloth, trend wools and cashmere into our line-up of shearling, leather and fur luxury outerwear.  Relaxed elegance is easily achieved in the free spirited looks of the HiSO collections. 

As a distinguished leader in luxury shearling, HiSO has devoted all its attention and skill to bring you the finest skins and workmanship in its unique clothing using modern cuts, and soft tailored coats and jackets for men and women.HiSO carries a long standing tradition of producing high quality luxury shearling garments. Every step of our production ladder is handled in-house; from sketch and pattern design, to sourcing, production, and quality control of finished products.

HiSO is a proudly Canadian company based in Toronto since it’s inception in 1975. Since then, HiSO has grown from a small boutique producer into an international design house found in luxury stores globally.