Timeless made-in-italy design and fabrics

Traditional tailoring and skilled craftsmanship to grow through research and technology.
This is our philosophy. 
A sophisticated style, a timeless icon that crosses fashion, affirming the creativity of the “Made in Italy” concept. 
Excellence, precision, versatility, comfort and know-how are Belvest’s distinguishing traits.

For three generations, the company has been handing down and reinterpreting the most ancient art of tailoring and the formal values of aesthetics with contemporary sensitivity. Our collections are the result of our passion for choosing impalpable, fine-quality fabrics, for attention to detail, for an ongoing quest for excellence, for the new proposals – the capsule collection with the slimmest silhouettes, the jacketinthebox, unstructured and exclusive – standing alongside our core business that has helped us make our name internationally.

Our journey, which began over 50 years ago, continues into the future.