Barbara Lohmann


At our house we had a saying: "There are only two kinds of class. First class or no class." It was penned by the famous American film producer David O. Selznick.

Back then, we rather forewent certain things than to settle for second-best. That became my personal life motto. At 16, I had to save up a long time to buy my first pair of shoes made of the finest, soft leather which naturally were made in Italy. But what a feeling that was, to be able to own a pair of shoes like that. Through my fashion I want to give you the feeling that you are wearing something really special, something, in which you feel great and are admired, a unique piece of fashion art.

The fact that other women share the enjoyment of beautiful things with me is the biggest motivation for my work. It confirms that they do still exist – the good things and people that value them.

For more than 2 decades now, the Lohmann name has stood for trustworthiness, authenticity and unpretentious luxury. Our fashion art is timeless and sporty-elegant. The quality of the materials and finish is at the very highest level across the line. We do not compromise and are proud to be able to claim that our unique clothing are exclusively "Made in Italy" and "Made in Germany".